About Mjälloms

Swedish foodtradition since 1923

Water, flour and hot ovens. These are the basic ingredients of the classic Swedish bread known as flatbread. The first flatbread can be traced to the Swedish High Coast and here, in the little village of Mjällom, Sweden’s oldest flatbread bakery was founded in 1923 - Mjälloms Tunnbröd.


Our secret: Swedish top-quality ingredients, centennial craftsmanship and a large dose of passion. We bake all in our own bakery and follow the same steps as the first dough added.


For 90 years we have developed the flatbread and delivered moments of pleasure. Grandma Ruth's original recipes have been preserved and refined by generations of our skilled bakers. Wonder if Grandma Ruth from the bakehouse in the small northern Mjällom could imagine that her bread would become a Swedish classic? Grandma probably would have been proud if she knew that her bread,  90 years later, is enjoyed both as breakfast and in gourmet restaurants.



We bake all bread in our own bakery in the oven that we installed  1946. During the baking our baker feel and look at the dough to produce what we feel is the perfect flatbread. The result is a really good perfectly browned bread with crispy bubbles.


We continue to keep our minds open to new tempting tastes, trends and delicious recipes. Today intermingled the classic flatbread with gourmet products . Bread Deliveries are no longer just to the countryside, but to the whole of Sweden and to the continent.


If you haven´t yet tried the flatbread we propose a crispy flatbread sandwich with a slice of potato, a little sour cream and a dollop of roe. Or why not with a good cheese and cloudberry jam.

But still,  it's almost tastes best with just a dab of butter.