Gammeldags Thinbread is a bread with a nice balance between wheat and rye.

Perfect for both the everyday breakfast and festive occasions.

We have balanced between wheat and rye into a crunchy, filling bread with soft taste

Paper-thin and crunchy Barley Thin Bread is a classic thin bread with rich flavor. Perfect with Swedish classics such as herring or a good piece of cheese on the Christmas table

What toppings you choose are only limited by your own imagination.


Thinbread with taste of oat is a classic bread baked on oats from our Swedish fields. Perfectly baked and flavorful. Excellent in the bread basket as well as to a fancy dinner. 

Oats have a good, full-bodied flavor, it also has...

Rustic bread baked on rye flour

Ryebread is a rustic bread baked on whole grain rye flour and wheat.

It tastes good with just a dab of butter, but also fits perfectly with slightly stronger cheeses or smoked meat.

The bread is  sawn into suitable pieces and...

Cripsy baked bread

Wheat Flatbread is a crispy baked bread, baked on the finest wheat. The mild flavor makes it perfect with cheese and ham.

The bread is cut in suitable pieces and the unique packaging makes it easy to serve.

Iron and high protein bread.

Excellent as a healthy snack with keso and avocado. Also a very good base for an iron-rich porridge for both adults and children.  

Palt Thin bread is a bread with a very high content of iron (51 mg / 100 g) and protein (23g / 100g). The bread...