Palt Tunnbröd

Iron and high protein bread.

Excellent as a healthy snack with keso and avocado. Also a very good base for an iron-rich porridge for both adults and children.  

Palt Thin bread is a bread with a very high content of iron (51 mg / 100 g) and protein (23g / 100g). The bread is cut in suitable pieces and is ideal as a sandwich with your favorite toppings.


Iron helps increase your HB = blood count, which in turn provides a better oxygen uptake and to become more alert.

Besides that it is a true iron-rich bread (one slice contains about 3.5 mg of iron) it also contains a high protein content, 23 g per 100 g.


This bread is in Sweden traditionally served  cooked with crispy bacon and white sauce, which you can find at packaging.